About Us The Great Mahamantra Story

Mahamantra traces its origins back in the year 1981. Mr. Madan Jain, a passionate and suave businessman initiated this business. Currently the CEO of Mahamantra, Madan Jain started his journey from a small town called Balotra in Rajasthan.

In those times, not many had heard about pocket lining fabric. But Madan Jain had already set his eyes on this new product. Through his immense passion and hard work, he started manufacturing this pocket lining fabric. In a short span of time, Mahamantra became renowned as the best in pocket lining and suit lining fabric manufacturing. Mr. Jain saw a tremendous opportunity in this and he started offering variations through colours and designs. He single-handedly built his empire with this small product at Balotra, Rajasthan. Slowly and steadily, he climbed up the success ladder and now Mahamantra has branched out to various other products.

Mahamantra started its operations in Balotra Rajasthan. Currently, it has its head office in Ahmedabad. It has branch offices at Surat and Delhi. Madan Jain’s two sons, Mr. Vishal Mandot and Mr. Vikas Mandot help him to run the business and under them, the company has progressed from manufacturing lining fabric to other popular products like pure silk and specialized fabrics, bonded and laminated fabrics, fusible interlinings, certified designer face masks and much more.

Our latest product, the 5-layered Mahamantra-95 premium quality masks have been much appreciated due to its fitting and finishing. At Mahamantra, we use state of the art technology to design fashionable masks that give you safety in addition to comfort. If it has got to be a face mask, it has got to be our M-95 mask.

About Us About Mahamantra-95 Face Mask

  1. Technology- At Mahamantra, we have a state-of-the-art production unit that is backed by skilled engineers and technicians to facilitate the manufacture of Mahamantra-95 designer face masks without any stitching.
  2. Protection- The manufacturing unit has the best technologically advanced tools and machinery that process the finest quality fabrics that are durable and of high-quality which are exclusively used in the Mahamantra-95 masks. Our unstitched designer fabric face masks have a genuine five-layer filtration system with almost all the specifications of N-95 that provides protection and comfort.
  3. Fashion- We have 300 unique designs and patterns for the Mahamantra-95 face masks so that you can select any that gels well with your fashion.
  4. Finish- Our face mask with filter perfectly fits the main portion of the face and fully protects it giving you comfort and satisfaction.

Mahamantra is synonymous with high-quality durable fabrics. For us, customer satisfaction comes first and that is precisely the reason why we are the best designer face mask manufacturer in India. We are ranked as the best designer face mask manufacturer because we have made a name for ourselves through hard work and dedication.

Life Savior Instruction How To Wear A Face Mask?

Safe & Ready to Go.

First, clean your hands thoroughly. Distinguish the front, back, up and down of the mask. Wear the mask by stringing it back to the ears.

Stretch the mask to cover the nose and mouth. Squeeze the metal strip to adjust to the bridge of your nose on both the sides. You are done.