Ranges of our Products

Every product quietly reflects the spirit of innovation.

Mahamantra’s fusible range of interlinings is complemented by most advanced coating technology, Mahamantra’s range of shirt interlining are made from the finest cotton and features soft, medium, hard and brushed hand feels.

  • Over 200 fusible interlinings in several base cloths.
  • Over 100 colors matching available
  • Width of Interlinings available from 36” to 80”
  • Stretch Interlinings (DTY)
  • Non-Fusible Interlinings
  • Double-face Interlinings
  • Printed woven Fusible Interlining
  • Two side Fusible Interlinings
  • Polyester Interlinings
  • Collar Felt Interlinings
  • Hair Cloth Interlinings
  • Thobe Interlinings
  • Hats & Caps Fusible Interlinings
  • Waist Fusible Interlinings
  • Canvas Fusible Interlinings
  • Weft Inserted Fusible Interlining
  • Front-Fuse Fusible Interlinings
  • Double Dot, Paste Dot, Powder Dot, Scatter Coating
  • Products available from fusible to non fusible

1. Woven Interlining – TopFuse

  • Ranges from 60 to 500 GSM with color matching possible.
  • From finest material to medium class available
  • Brushed Interlinings
  • Both side Fusible Interlinings
  • Temporary Fuse Interlinings
  • Single Layer / Single Ply Interlinings (UAE)
  • Double Layer / Double Ply Interlinings (UAE)
  • Triple Layer / Triple Ply Interlinings (UAE)
  • Single Side / Double Side Coating (UAE)
  • Laminated Interlinings (UAE)
  • 100% Cotton and T/C Fusible Interlinings
  • Non Fusible Interlining

3. Nonwoven Ranges

  • Range varying from 20 to 200 GSM of Nonwoven
  • Nonwoven Interlining – Scatter / Paste / Double Dot Coating
  • Chemical Bond
  • Spunlace Nonwoven
  • Spunbond Nonwoven
  • Thermalbond Nonwoven (Thermo-bond)
  • Water Soluble Nonwoven (Chemical Lace) – High / Low Temperature
  • Printed Nonwoven – upon request

4. Luxurious Pocketing Fabric

Pocket lining or pocketing items textile fabric are considered as one of the most important materials used in clothing. Although one pays less attention to the pocket lining while shopping clothing, it is one of the most essential parts of the apparel that has to be chosen correctly for production. Pocket lining textile fabric has to match the fabric, style, and durability of the clothing.

Pocketing lining items are mostly produced from polyester, cotton or a mixture of poly and cotton. The mixing percentage, weight and finish of these two yarns determine the durability and softness of the pocket fabric lining. Pocketing fabric could be uncomfortable but durable if produced only from polyester fibres. Mixing cotton will soften the pocket lining. To determine the stiffness of pocketing fabric, starch is added to the finish.


  • Cotton
  • Poly cotton
  • Plain
  • Twill
  • Herringbone
  • 44”
  • 57”
  • White bleached
  • RFD
  • Dyed in azofree colours
  • Various hexagonal prints as well as some special prints for pocketing.
Why our Pocketing Fabric?
  • 100% pure yarns used
  • High weaving strength
  • Shrink resistant
  • Easy to wash
  • Long lasting